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We repair all brands/models refrigerators in Westminster, CO such as Kenmore refrigerators, Whirlpool refrigerators, GE refrigerators, Sub Zero refrigerators, Amana refrigerators and many more. (view the complete brands list we work on). We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is no extra charge for the weekend or night appointments. Our service call is Free with the repair and all the work is guaranteed for 1 year.

303 558-2688

We provide refrigerator repair to all Westminster, CO zip codes and surrounding cities. The following areas correspond to our Appliance service areas:

Commerce City

Wheat Ridge
Indian Hills

Lone tree

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We repair all brands refrigerators

Speed Queen

Magic Chef

O'Keefe and Merritt

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We have been in refrigerator repair business for eight years. For immediate Westminster, CO refrigerator repair service call us 24/7 out our toll free number:

303 558-2688

You can also can contact us by the email for same day Westminster, CO refrigerator repair. Just send us your name, a brief description of the refrigerator problem and your contact information.

Please read these preventative and easy-to-repair refrigerator tips. However if your refrigerator problem cannot be resolved with our easy to repair tips, consider calling us for an refrigerator repair appointment. We will be happy to help for all your Westminster, CO refrigerator repair needs.

Refrigerator Water Leaks

Problem: Water pools on the floor around the refrigerator.
Later dripping from under the door often indicates that the refrigerator isn't positioned properly. A refrigerator should have a slight tilt toward the rear. When the refrigerator is properly tilted, water will flow in that direction and into the drain system instead of collecting in the main compartment and eventually draining out at the front.
To make sure that your appliance does have the proper angle, open the door less than 90 degrees. Release the door. Does it close by itself" If not, you will have to adjust the front legs of the unit.
Adjusting the refrigerator legs. Under the front two corners of the refrigerator are "feet" with threaded shafts (actually bolts with large furniture buttons on the bottom). Some refrigerators have these bolts threaded directly into the casing of the refrigerator. Others have the shaft threaded through a locking nut first. You will need an assistant, who should tip the refrigerator back just far enough to take the full weight off the adjusting bolts. If your refrigerator has the locking-nut arrangement, you will need two open-end wrenches, one to tell the locking unit and the second to free up the adjusting bolt. After you have freed up the adjusting bolt, thread it up or down to adjust the height (once you have properly freed it, and once the weight is off the front legs, you should be able to thread the bolt up or down by hand). Adjust the leg bolt at the other front corner. To make sure the refrigerator is level right to left, place a carpenter's level across the top of the refrigerator. To check the front-to-back pitch, repeat the door-closing test. When the door closes by itself, you will know you have made the proper adjustment.
Once you are satisfied that the refrigerator is level and is pitched correctly toward the rear, retighten the lock nuts of each front leg bolt.

Faulty Light Switch

Problem: The interior light doesn't go on when you open the refrigerator door.
If changing the bulb doesn't restore light to the inside of a refrigerator, the light switch is probably at fault. In many refrigerators, the switch protrudes through the side breaker frame panel against which the door closes. It others, the switch is in a panel with other controls.
To replace at switch that is in it panel, refer to the accompanying photographs. To replace a switch that pro trades through the side breaker frame panel, do the following:
1. Turn off electricity by pulling the power cord plug of the refrigerator from the wall outlet.
2.  Insert a small screwdriver between the switch plate and breaker frame. Pry the switch out of the breaker frame.
3. With some refrigerators, you have to remove the breaker frame by pulling on the edge of the panel with your fingertips until the frame pops out of the flange.
4. Using self-adhering labels or strips of masking tape, label which wire attaches to which terminal of the switch so that there won't be any doubt where to reconnect the wires. Then disconnect the wires.
5. Touching each terminal of the switch with the probe of an ohmmeter, press in the switch button. The needle should rest on infinit to indicate an open circuit. Release the button. The needle of the ohmmeter should swing to zero or a couple of ohms at most to indicate continuity. If neither of these readings is obtained, the switch is defective. Call appliance repair technician to  install a new switch.

If you need professional assistance for your Westminster, CO refrigerator repair needs, call us 24/7:

303 558-2688

Or send an appointment request online at appointment@appliancerepairwestminster.com To do so, please specify your name, address and a brief nature of the refrigerator problem. Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as possible.